A Note by Brett Lee  

“Whilst most people know me as a cricketer, there is another side to ‘Brett Lee’ that is lesser known.  I am passionate about music – perhaps even more so than cricket!  Actually, if you took cricket out of my life, I’d be sad.  But if you took music out of my life, I’d be devastated!


Why Music

Music is recognised internationally as a powerful tool for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Music Lifts the spirit. It can inspire, give hope and make people feel good.

Children reap the benefits of improved concentration and performance, awakened creativity, hieghtented self esteem and an overall sense of accomplishment with the integration of music in their lives.

Music is a big part of Indian culture. It is universal and connects across barriers.
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I am also very passionate about India.  I love its colour and characters.  Having travelled here many times a year for over a decade now, I feel humbled by the country and its people, who have given me so much to be thankful for! With a young son of my own, I want to ensure that all children in India have the opportunity to experience the joy and power of music...read more

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Music for a cause

Core corncerns in the music space are looking at fulfilling their CSR obligations by doing their bit. Divya Naik finds out how this is happening...read more


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